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By: Starboard  06-Dec-2011

A lightweight, stiff and crisp construction providing the highest performance value. TechnoraTM is a special type of high tenacity Aramid fiber with remarkably high tensile strength, high toughness, and high impact-resistant qualities. TechnoraTM reinforcements together with Kevlar®, Carbon and Wood laminates strengthen the skin, nose, and heel areas. Built with cross-linked PVC sandwich skins and a 14g/l EPS internal core.

Advantages: light weight, stiff flex, tough in the most impact critical zones.

Maximum durability and value. Tufskin technology uses layers of 3-dimensional 400g glass mat wetted out with an expanding epoxy resin system that creates volume within the skin as it cures under pressure. This creates a thick, stiff, and durable sandwiched laminate. A half-deck wood layer improves rigidity and deck impact resistance in the Tufskin AST models. An ASA skin wraps the board to improve the scratch and impact resistance of the Tufskin ASA models.

Advantages: tough construction, more value, most durable.

The Slick Technology: the "soft & tough" construction for our new collection of affordable, user-friendly family products. Double Wood stringers provide overall stiffness. A wood half-deck provides extra impact resistance on the deck. Soft Slick bottom material provides a smooth bottom finish with in a material that is tough, wear resistant and maintenance free. A full EVA deck gives a soft, comfortable touch. Fish-scale traction grooves are used in the most important areas. In the tail, there's a soft sponge bumper for extra safety.

Avantages: tough, affordable, user friendly.

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The custom-manufactured bolts fit the same screwdriver as your footstraps, making them effective against sand, keeping the system simple and hassle-free. Starboard designs this connection point to be extremely stiff, strong and reliable, to preserve every ounce of performance and feel available. Boards fitted with a Deep Tuttle fin box can use both normal and deep tuttle fins, allowing the board to use a wider range of fin sizes.


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The fin area from multiple fins provides excellent lift up onto the plane, whilst the centre of effort is close to the board and spread over the entire tail, meaning it's very controllable at high speed in high wind conditions.. In either down-the-line conditions or onshore, the Quads contain speed well through a bottom or top turn whilst also being able to produce incredible speed and drive for the aggressive rider.