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By: Star Prototype China  06-Dec-2011
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When I got on the plane in London on 15th July 2005 to travel to China to set up Star Prototype, I knew that I was entering a new era in my life, and I knew I faced great challenges building a business in China.

I knew that China had a rotten reputation for bad quality, miscommunication, late deliveries, ever inflating prices after order placement etc. I saw this as an opportunity to provide a new experience for those who wished to buy from China.

Sat on that plane I promised myself that when I got to China I would run my business exactly the way I had ran my business in the UK. I would conform to European standards throughout; aim for extremely high efficiency even though I would have very low costs; I would assume that I had huge competition even if I didn’t.

To achieve this I decided that I would hire Foreign Engineers to come and teach my Chinese employees how to make high quality parts efficiently.

I also decided that I would hire very well educated young Chinese graduates and personally train them from the ground up. This was to avoid any ‘traditional’ thinking infiltrating Star Prototype. Most of my project managers speak great English. Sometimes better than me.

We have heavily invested in our inspection department with laser scanning equipment to ensure that all 3D forms are fully inspected prior to shipment. Besides more traditional methods to inspect our components, we’ve also added an Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) which is used to positively identify metals and an EASSON Vision Measurement Machine.

I will not lie to you and say that it has been easy to get to where we are now. It has been a huge challenge. Had I known what I faced I might have thought twice. But that is the wonder of not knowing the future.

My commitment to my customers is that we aim to provide you with a unique service from China that conforms with the Best that the World has to offer. Oh, and you get a really good price.

Gordon Styles – Founder & Managing Director

Keywords: Inspection Department, Laser Scanning, Managing Director, Optical Emission Spectrometer, Project Managers, Scanning Equipment,

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Rapid Protoyping in China

Star Prototype was the first company based in China to offer photorealistic prototypes that are colored and textured in-mould. CNC machining of prototypes allows us to deliver prototypes in a huge range of plastics, metals, and modeling boards. We can then use a CNC or SLA master model to make a silicone rubber mould and cast up to 20 off polyurethane parts. Full automotive quality and fine detailing can be achieved.


Stereolithography Laser Sintering, SLA Rapid Prototyping

It too is a laminated manufacturing process, but uses a much higher power laser to sinter plastic powder together to form a 3D prototype. Historically it was considered that SLS parts were more durable than SLA, but as SLA materials improve, this gap is narrowing. Star-Prototype mostly uses SLA models as Master Patterns to make silicone rubber moulds for vacuum casting of Polyurethane.


Polyurethane Casting

Once cured we split the silicone rubber mould and we can use it to cast up to 20 PU parts per silicone mould. Usually we make a master model by SL and then apply whatever surface finish is needed to the master model. To produce high gloss clear parts we will normally use a CNC machined and polished Acrylic master model. We then pour liquid silicone rubber around the master model in casting box.