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By: Stahly  06-Dec-2011
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AirShip IV Specifications

CAPACITY: Up to 8-1/2 ton stuck capacity - 250 cu. ft. standard and optional 285 cu. ft. (300 cu. ft. tarped) with 5" hopper extension.

HOPPER CONSTRUCTION: 409 stainless steel walls have slopes of 45 and 30 degree for complete clean out. Hopper augers are equipped with single lever dumps gate for product clean out.

Removable mile steel trash screen available for top of hopper is optional.

APPLICATION RATES: Capable of applying product at an application rate up to 1200 lbs/acre at 12 mph and as low as 12 lbs/acre. The application rate x mph factor is 14,400 with 60-foot boom. Product Controller options include: Dicky John, TeeJet-Midtech and Raven controllers.

Single or Multiple (with optional Co-Ap) Product control can be applied at Single Rate control or Variable Rate control.

METERING SYSTEM: Right and Left Metering Boxes Meter and Distribute the Product evenly into dividers with Fluted Rollers that are controlled to turn in relation to ground speed. Air Pressure in the metering box assists the product to "Free Fall" into the Air-stream and out the Boom Nozzles. Instant Startup and Variable Rate Response to Variable Rate Control results from metered positive displacement of the product immediately into the Air stream without lag time.

Two High Output Stainless Steel Feed Augers supply the product demand needed to the metering box for High Application Rates at Normal Field Speeds. A Mechanical Baffle Level Control system keeps the metering box full of product at all times. Compatible with Ag Chemicals, the Metering Roller Area components are made with Stainless Steel housing, shafts chains and non-corrosive bearings.

AIR SYSTEM: Built-In Fan Design combines Blower Housing and Bloom Air Manifold into Dual Integrated units. Airflow from the Blower is directed into the Boom Tubes in a Straight Path with minimal airflow restriction. The Energy Efficient Design Save Horsepower, Fuel and Time.

BOOM: Mid ship booms mounted between the Cab and Hopper provides the BEST VISION for the operator and a SMOOTH and much more STABLE ACTION. The booms are independent Right or Left Pitch Leveling for Terraces or simply Clearing Objects in the field. Boom Tip Breakaways are standard. Solid, time tested, "Stacked Boom" construction add to the Durability of the boom.

The "TUNED BOOM" design features longer tubes with larger diameter then the shorted tubes to not only reduce weight, but more evenly distributes air velocity to all nozzles. Twenty nozzles at 36" spacing deflects product material in an even pattern at approximately 100 mph downward and out of the wind. Optional Abrasion REsistant nozzle Deflector Inserts are available for high abrasive product application.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: A Closed Loop Industrial Grade Hydraulic System with Pressure Compensated Variable Displacement Pump powers the Hi Speed Axial Piston Blower Motors. Airship function controls are combined into an electric over hydraulic control manifold for efficient and clean hydraulic assembly. Shielded dual hydraulic cooling system mounts in an accessible swing-open hydraulic cooler design.

CAB CONTROLS: Seat Mounted Cab Control Center uses Joystick Control Design to keep Airship Control Functions close to operator. All-Around Vision from the Cab Seat allows operator to visually monitor Airship functions. Optional controller guidance is available with GPS system.

FOAM MARKER: 42 Gallon capacity, with 360-degree Free Rotation Foam Applicator.

CHASSIS ASSEMBLY: Full Factory Assembly on *Approved Chassis, 120 inch Cab to Axle, 300 HP minimum with transmission mounted PTO.

Keywords: Boom Tubes, Cab, Stainless Steel,

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