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By: Stahly  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Four-Wheel Drive, Front Tires,

Stahly Peterbilt 4340
• Lower purchase price
• Lower cost for parts and service
• Easy to trouble shoot and/or repair
• More versatility - Pre, Post, Dry or Top Dress
• $30,000+ higher resale after five or six years
• Better ride and handling
• More profitable
• More dependable
• More productive
• Four-wheel drive options
• No need to trade off when five years old
• Common parts available from 10,000 parts houses
• Higher road speed
• Better visibility and more comfortable
• Better fuel economy
• Two million mile non-corrosive aluminum cab
• Better tire life - 40,000 miles for front tires
• Higher row crop spraying speeds
• Less weight and compaction

Imagine that everyone was using Peterbilt floaters and a company starts promoting a ground up unit, costing more money, fewer parts/service options, bringing less $ at trade/resale and costs more to operate? They wouldn’t sell! 30 yrs ago they became popular when the truck based mfg’s were using lighter components and inferior cabs. Today’s Pete’s are superior to ground up units. Many of the largest, most profitable dealers nationwide are running Stahly Peterbilts and adding more.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Four-Wheel Drive, Front Tires,

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X 54 in., Dual L & R Ross integral hydraulic power steering gearboxes, Stemco seals, Hayden power steering cooler, Stahly lift blocks, steering arm, drag link and front end alignment. Range inhibitor prevents vehicle from going into gear unless at idle eliminating any shock loading of driveline. Warranty: One Year Navistar Warranty, Three years on Allison Transmission, Two years on I-530 Diesel.


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Tig-Welded stainless steel boom tubes can be set up for any spraying need, standard with Tee Jet fittings on 20” spacing with optional Flood Jet fittings on either 30” or 60” spacing for pre-emerge spraying. With it’s powerful 325hp diesel, Allison automatic transmission it is a commercial applicator designed to last twenty-five years plus, it is not a short timer like hydrostat drive machines.


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Stahly's legendary severe service truck based applicators are more rugged, dependable, longer lasting than any home built ever made. Stahly's new QuadTraxx series with go-anywhere mechanical 4-wheel drivemakes the best even better. Sterling 4x4 ExtraLite 1200/16001,200 to 1,600 gallon Pre / Post. You will cover more acres each day with fewer headaches. Stahly beats the competition hands down!1-800-678-2459.


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Constructed of 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion, the MultiBin features an optional micronutrient cover which opens and closes with a stainless steel air cylinder, and optional low-bin sensors in each bin to know when to refill. The rear bins slope forward to improve chassis weight distribution and a new material divider improves material placement on the G4 spinner for a more effective spread pattern.


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METERING SYSTEM: Right and Left Metering Boxes Meter and Distribute the Product evenly into dividers with Fluted Rollers that are controlled to turn in relation to ground speed. Instant Startup and Variable Rate Response to Variable Rate Control results from metered positive displacement of the product immediately into the Air stream without lag time.