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By: Stahly  06-Dec-2011
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New Leader L4000G4

L4000G4 Fertilizer and Lime Spreader

The New Leader L4000G4 is a culmination of the best of the best! The new design is a combination of the L3020G4, L3030G4, L3020XP, MultApplier Ready and L3220G4 MultApplier all rolled into one. Modular hydraulic packages for either the L3020, an XP or a MultApplier, a choice of conveyors, plus the ability to add a second, third or fourth bin at any time all in one spreader with it's standard bolt-in rear end gate. This will lower productions costs and greatly improve lead time and flexibility.

L4000G4 - The most productive dry delivery system ever!

Our New Leader G4 spreaders will outperform any other dry applicators on the market, and are converting even the most die-hard air machine users.

Customize the L4000G4 to improve efficiencies and profitability

The L4000G4 standard body width is 102” (258cm) with 6” (15cm) side extensions, and includes a bolted-in rear end gate for greater structural integrity.

In three easy steps, customizing this spreader to fit your needs:

1. Customize the spreader hopper:

  • Choose either a 13’ (4m) or 14’ (4.3m) length unit depending on your chassis and capacity needs.
  • Choose either painted 409 stainless steel or non-painted 304 stainless steel for additional corrosion resistance.
  • Choose either a #4 belt-over-chain for combination fertilizer/lime applications or a #3 pintle chain for aggressive lime applications.

2. Customize the hydraulics:

  • Choose either standard hydraulics for combination fertilizer and lime applications, or high performance hydraulics for heavy lime applications.

3. Customize for multiple product applications:

  • Add a 5’ or 7’ MultApplier, a MicroBin, or MultiBin at any time for spreading up to three variable rate applications in one pass.

MultiBin Fertilizer & Micronutrient Spreader

The MultiBin increases efficiencies by consistently broadcasting materials from three or four bins, independently or together, for straight and variable rate applications. When installed in the L4000G4, the MultiBin transforms a single hopper into three. The micro-nutrient hopper can also be split to create a fourth hopper. The front hoppers dispense fertilizer products while the hoppers at the rear dispense micro-nutrients or seeding products.

The large capacities of each hopper allow users to cover more acres and reduce fill time. The rear bins slope forward to improve chassis weight distribution and a new material divider improves material placement on the G4 spinner for a more effective spread pattern. Constructed of 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion, the MultiBin features an optional micronutrient cover which opens and closes with a stainless steel air cylinder, and optional low-bin sensors in each bin to know when to refill. The MultiBin may be easily installed and removed from the L4000G4 for single-bin fertilizer or lime spreading.

MultiBin Features & Benefits

  • Wider spread patterns reduce time in the field.
  • Fewer trips across the field reduce soil compaction.
  • Fewer moving parts compared to air machines reduce maintenance expenses.
  • New Leader G4 spinner technology delivers wide, accurate spread patterns, even on windy days.

The large capacities of each hopper section allow users to cover more acres and reduce fill time.

The L4000G4 uses the best components as standard equipment.

New Leader carefully sources, manufactures, and tests every component to maximize the swath width and ensure the most accurate spread pattern.

Patented G4 Spinner Assembly (Patent #6,517,218)
The New Leader G4 variable rate broadcaster spreads material farther, wider, and more consistently. It includes predetermined settings for fertilizer, urea, ag lime, and wet lime to simplify spread pattern testing and daily application. In addition, a new style spinner motor features a stainless steel shaft sleeve and heavy-duty bearing assembly to extend the life of the motor seals.

New Hydraulic Components & Oil Cooler
New Leader’s oil cooler keeps oil temperature low, ensuring peak performance, consistent spinner speed without temperature fluctuations and longer component life. The new style reservoir improves efficiencies and serviceability with a 24 gallon (90 liter) capacity, built-in suction strainer, and an in-tank return filter to capture contaminates. The reservoir even features a removable front panel to be able to flush the entire reservoir in the event of contamination.

Raven Servo Valve
The new, enhanced servo valve reacts with a more positive start and stop operation, resulting in a more
accurate rate control. In addition, the new alloy valve body reduces corrosion.

Pressurized Chain Oiler
To extend the life of the conveyor, the L4000G4 incorporates a pressurized chain oiler with adjustable spray nozzles and an optional remote switch, allowing fast and simple lubrication.

New Leader 7™ Precision Application Controller
Available from Ag Leader, the NL7™ controller features a touch screen monitor, color graphics, easy installation and operation, and the ability to control up to three granular products. It also features the patented SmartActuator™ technology that adjusts fan frame positions from the convenience of the cab. The feed gate also automatically adjusts to ensure consistent applications.

L4000G4 Dimensions and Capacities

New Leader has a long history of setting the standard in custom application equipment. The standard was raised with the introduction of the L3020G4. The G4 design allows the professional custom applicator to cover more acres per day than any other dry material spreader on the market.

Effective Conveyor System

  • Swinging inverted "V" reduces conveyor load when spreading lime and promotes an improved blend when spreading fertilizer.
  • 30" extra wide conveyor reduces material bridging.
  • The belt-over-chain conveyor provides the durability needed for spreading lime and uninterrupted delivery needed for spreading fertilizer.
  • Optional pintle bar flight chain is available for aggressive conveying of lime or gypsum.

Patent-Pending Variable Rate Broadcaster

  • New dished spinner design broadcasts material farther, wider, and more consistently.
  • Design includes predetermined settings for fertilizer, urea, lime, and wet lime to simplify spread pattern testing and daily application.

Low-Maintenance Design

Other Features & Benefits

  • Application rates range from 75 pounds of fertilizer per acre to over six tons of lime per acre.
  • An optional swinging rear end gate allows material stockpiling and bulk discharge.
  • New Leader will also custom build in other lengths, widths and/or heights.
  • May be set-up to spread Variable Rate utilizing the latest controllers, computers/software and GPS receivers.

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