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Each Product comes with a Safety Seal to prevent tampering.

Velvet Agility

Velvet Agility Adult Advanced Formula
Recommended for dogs needing advanced joint support.
A two month supply for medium dogs.

Velvet Agility Adult Maintenance Formula
Recommended for dogs needing maintenance joint support.
A two month supply for medium dogs.

Velvet Agility Foundation
Recommended for puppies up to two years of age needing joint support.
A two month supply for medium puppies.

Velvet Agility for Cats & Kittens
Recommended for cats and kittens needing joint support.
A four month supply for cats.

NZ Vel
Recommended for humans needing additional joint support.
A 30 day supply.

Deer Velvert Agility Manuka Soap
Deer Velvet Agility Soap is a natural gently lathering, long lasting soap with added anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property ingredients. Comes with a convenient chamois, soap holder and tamper proof packaging

Antler chews filled with deer velvet. All natural, tasty and long-lasting. Odorfree, these chews do not splinter - your dog is sure to love them.
Our Antler Chews were harvested in New Zealand within the last 14 months and
were not lying around in the wilderness exposed to outside elements and
potential contaminants. No deer or elk are harmed in this process!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Velvet Agility is backed by a 100% manufacturers money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of Velvet Agility then we will refund you the purchase price of the product. Return us any unused product or the empty container with a written explanation of your reaons as to why the product has failed to give your pet the benefits we believe your pet will gain and we will refund the purchase money you have paid.

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Deer Velvet FAQ

New Zealand government legislation called the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and the code of recommendations and Minimum Standards for the Welfare of Deer during the Removal of Antler 1992 and set the standards.Stags that are kept for velvet production usually have a relatively long life, as they are often farmed for 10 years or more.