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By: St Lukes Timber  05-Apr-2012

BOTANICAL SPECIES : Podocarpus Totara


AIR DENSITY : 12% Mc is 480Kg/m3

CHARACTERISTICS : The heartwood is reddish brown. Straight grained with a fine even texture making it easy to work with.

DURABILITY :  Very Durable (Class 1 rating) Lasts more than 25 years in the ground as 50X50 stakes.

STRENGTH : MOR at 12% Mc is 62. MOE is at 6.4.

SEASONING : Dries slowly, kiln drying can cause uneven drying and remove extratives that provide its durability.

USES : High Grade - Sashes, Doors, Tanks, Vats, Boat Sheathing, Decking, Weatherboards.

Low Grade - Fence posts, exterior landscaping, sleepers


We make small planters and troughs for around the home.

The troughs are available in 0.5m for $36, 0.8m for $56 and 1.0m for $72.

The raise beds or planters are stackable and can be staggered or used to create your own compost bin or worm farm.

A layer is $45, a lid is $35 and a base (with bottom for concrete is $65) and are 0.6m square.

Custom boxes can be made and pricing is subject to dimensions.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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