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By: St Chads  06-Dec-2011

Music is the bridge to communication

Music therapy as defined by the NZSMT is the planned use of music to assist the healing and personal growth of people with identified emotional, intellectual, physical or social needs.

Music therapists use the special qualities of music in a shared relationship with their clients, to meet personal needs, support learning, and promote healing and change.

They work with people of all ages and abilities, from children and their families to the frail elderly. They work with individuals and groups, and in many different settings.”

Music Therapists are trained professionals who have gained a post-graduate qualification in Music Therapy and have had comprehensive musical training. There is currently only one other Music Therapy Centre in New Zealand.

Music Therapy is about building bridges of communication through music, and actively engaging individuals in potential growth, development, and change through the power of music. It can help develop new skills, which can be transferred to other aspects of life. For many people music helps reduce a sense of isolation and creates new possibilities for participation.

Music Therapy can be effective in many aspects of a young person’s development, including:

  • cognitive skills
  • communication
  • sensory-motor skills
  • socio-emotional development

Additionally, it can reinforce goals already in place.

Music Therapy can…

  • Develop communication
  • Provide developmental stimulation
  • Help control pain
  • Extend language
  • Promote memory and intellectual development
  • Encourage social interaction
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Motivate movement and physical co-ordination
  • Reduce agitation
  • Help people manage anger and build relationships
  • Support people through times of crisis and change
  • Support emotional and spiritual growth
  • Facilitate self-expression and build confidence

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