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By: Squiggly  06-Dec-2011
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Fashion designer Jeremy Scott announced on his Twitter account his second Swatch collection. The new collection will be launched on September 14 during the Spring Fashion Show in New York. This new collection will contain 5 watches: The Swatch Melted Minutes (GZ261), The Swatch Portrait (SUOZ121), the Swatch X-Ray Vision (GZ252 with corresponding sun glasses) , the SwatchPunk (GZ251), the Swatch Hypnotic Heart (MX001S with 12 cm height, limited and numbered to 777 pieces with a special packaging).

Melted Minutes (GZ261) Portrait (SUOZ121) X-Ray Vision (GZ252)
Punk (GZ251)

Hypnotic Heart (MX001S)

Swatch is having plans to release a Colour Code Striped Collection, 5 Gent Swatch watches will be available with new striped watchbands. This will be the: Striped Callipara (GV121I), the Striped Dragon Fruit (GP128I), the Striped Rise-Up (GS138I), the Striped Up-Wind (GN230I) and the Striped Berry (GR154I)

Striped Callipara (GV121I) Striped Dragon Fruit (GP128I) Striped Rise-Up (GS138I) Striped Up-Wind (GN230I) Striped Berry (GR154I)

Last week we informed you about the 5 new colour codes we received. Swatch also released on May 1 five new Irony Chrono’s and four new Irony Nabab (part of the Animal Collection) which we will be expecting soon.  The Irony Chrono are:Reptile Green(YCB4014AG),Reptile Violet(YCB4015AG), Reptile Blue (YCB4016AG), Reptile Orange(YCB4017AG) and Reptile Light Blue (YCB4018AG).

Reptile Green Reptile Violet Reptile Blue Reptile Orange Reptile Light Blue

The Irony Nabab are: Coloric Scales (YNS117), Salmon Grey (YNS120), Salmon Gold (YNS121) and Salmon Violet (YNS122)

Coloric Scales Salmon Grey Salmon Gold Salmon Violet

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