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By: Spraywatch  05-Apr-2012


Clients can login anywhere, anytime prior to each spraying to record a message informing the details of spraying operations. Spraywatch has a 24hr real time service

  • Easy to use system Property owners, lessees, contractors, or any person authenticated my leave spraying operation details
  • Fully automated just fill in the blanks on prewritten spray times
  • All recipients contact details entered once only and an ID number is given to each property
Spraywatch retains recordings of all voice and data entry messages


Favourable recipient relations

  • Messages are delivered only between the hours of 7am and 9pm daily
  • Confident recipients have been notified, Neighbours will be asked to acknowledge receipt of the message
  • Easy to change recipients contact details at any time


Charges exclusive of GST as from 1 June 2010 are:

Where Spraywatch Ltd is asked to set up new properties, an $8.00 once only set up charge per property will be made. As stated earlier Super Users can set up new properties themselves in which event no charge will be made.

Call Fees: -The charges for each property are shown on invoices as usage per second, that is both for the recording of senders message (inbound) and the delivery to Receivers (outbound).

To calculate the approximate charge for any property per annum (GST exclusive) multiply the average no. of sprays p.a. by the number of Receivers (Neighbours) by $1.32 Thus the cost of the service for 7 sprays to a property with 5 Recipients (neighbours) is about $47.00 per property per annum.

Charges cover all of the functions of the system (e.g. Telephone costs, Administration, Invoicing, Audit records etc). There are no hidden charges.

The New Zealand Bankers Association has approved Spraywatch Ltd using the Direct Debit Banking system to charge the Bank account of the nominated payer. The use of Direct Debiting has significantly reduced charges for the overall use of the system.


Spraywatch stores a detailed Audit Trail so that when authorised, evidence can quickly be provided showing exact delivery and/or sending times and content of the messages. This assists to quickly resolve any complaints. Super Users will be given access to the system to examine a screen to verify the status of messages they have sent.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012