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By: Sports Massage In Auckland  05-Apr-2012
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This is our most popular type of treatment. During the hour long massage we work on your main problem e.g. stiff neck, arms, back pain, and migraines – problems related to the type of work you do, or IT Band Syndrome, Hamstring Strain, Lower Back, Tennis Elbow – as a sports related approach. One hour is enough to perform joint mobilization, examining your knees and hips and making very effective stiffness relieving stretches. Hot stones are used to help you drift faster and deeper into relaxation and there is always time for reflexology – the favorite part of the massage for a majority of our clients. After your 60 minute massage treatment your therapist can also advise you on exercises to help you with your problem in between the massages.

During your 60 minutes massage your therapist will normally spend approx. 45 minutes working on the back of your body and the remaining 15 min will be spent on the front of your body. Every massage is especially tailored for your specific needs, so we can make it different to suit your specific needs.


  • If you take your regular treatment more frequently than once a month you have a $10 discount.
  • With a concession card this massage will cost you only $60/session  Discuss details with your massage therapist. 
  • You receive FREE One week gym pass. Sauna available in Ellerslie & NorthShore clinics.
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Keywords: Massage, Sports Massage

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