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Does Bodywork Helps Muscle Function?

If you consider that muscle makes up the major part of a body’s weight (from 70% to 80%), and that there are more than 600 muscles in your body, it is not surprising that people think of bodywork as “muscle-work”. Because of this, a good knowledge of muscles should help you with an appreciation of how important a regular massage can be to your overall health!

What are muscles?

Briefly, muscles are composed of thousands (or tens of thousands) of long slender fibres. These fibres are a type of elastic tissue material (much like a rubber band). They are capable of three actions: they can shorten, lengthen or lock into place. When they don’t function properly you experience tightness, or feel stiffness, aches or pain.

The muscles duties include maintaining structural stability and just about all movements of the body, from gross body movement to the minute movement of arteries. Quite a job you would agree.

What causes muscular problems?

The most common cause of muscle problems is either over or under use, but other common causes include lack of proper nutrition, lack of oxygen, or a build up of toxins. What also happens is that although you may perceive a painful spot, other areas may be involved as well.
Imbalance can also be a cause of muscular pain. This is where one group of muscles are used in partnership with another group, and each group are not balanced. For example, when you bend your arm, and then straighten it, yor bicep muscles do most of the work to accomplish the bending, but your triceps are used for the straitening.
Muscles may reach a state of constant tension. Causes of this condition can range from stressful life conditions, to learned patterns of use such as the way we habitually stand or sit. Also we tend to store anxiety in our muscles, particularly in the areas of the neck and shoulders. This constant tension means that the muscle is constantly working producing toxins and a depleted flow of blood to that area.

A solution to muscle problems.

It is easy to see how beneficial massage can be for muscle problems. Regular massage sessions reduce tension in the muscles, improve blood flow throughout the entire body and get those muscles back to their normal functioning state.
Our massage technique includes the use of hot stones which further enhances the experience of muscular tension release and improved blood flow. Remember that the experts estimate that up to 90% of our illnesses are stress related. An while it is impossible to completely eliminate all of this stress, massage is a safe and time honoured method to achieve a marked decrease. The in turn translates into many benefits such as enhanced sleep quality and reduced fatigue.

Well – what are you waiting for? Make your booking now for a massage.

Keywords: Massage, Sports Massage

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