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By: Sport Waikato  06-Dec-2011
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Sport Waikato has a range of resources available for purchase. Fill out the order form below and mail, or call in to Brian Perry Sports House to purchase at the counter (cash, cheque or EFTPOS accepted).

Sport Waikato's Easy Exercise Manual is written for anyone who needs help and advice to get started on a routine of regular, safe and appropriate exercise.

The manual contains basic information about exercise and a selection of workouts for warming up, improving cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility.

The manual is written with the beginning exerciser in mind, but has enough variety and challenge to be used by regular exercisers as well. Every activity has a diagram and clear, easy to follow instructions.

The manual is also suitable for Exercise Leaders, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Public Health Nurses.

$30 (incl GST) from Brian Perry Sports House or $32 (incl GST) by mail order.

Easy to follow, loads of fun to do with a great range of old-time, classical and more modern sing-along songs – these videos/DVDs are ideal for at-home exercisers, rest home residents, retirement centres or as a guide and source of new ideas and choreography for community exercise leaders.

Easy Exercise: Sit and Be Fit Level 1: This gentle, easy to follow 45-minutes sessions is designed for people with minited mobility who need to sit down to exercise safely. Heaps of variety and many options are given throughout.

Easy Exercise: Sit and Be Fit Level 2 (Advanced): This 45-minute session is a bit more demanding than Level One and standing options are also given. Designed for the more advanced Sit and Be Fitters, it could easily be adapted for a more gentle exercise session.

Easy Exercise: Active Level 1: Move the coffee table for this one! This session can be as gentle or as vigorous as you want to make it, all the routines are low impact and many options are given throughout.

Easy Exercise: Active Level 2 (Advanced): An advanced 45-minute exercise to music session for people who want to work up a bit of a lather. Designed for at-home as well as community exercise groups, the routines are mainly low impact but options are given for a few bounces and skips along the way. Definitely more demanding than Level One.

Through proper use, fit strips are a safe and effective way to improve muscular strength and endurance. Sport Waikato sells four different strengths of Fit Strips, which are gauged by colour. Red - light, Green - light/medium, Blue – medium, Black - hard.

The Fit Strip Exercise booklet, also available for sale, describes 24 exercises you can do with fit strips.

Fit strip and exercise booklet $12.00 ($13.00 to post). Fitstrip only $6.00 ($7.00 to post).

Booklet only $6.00 ($7.00 to post).

These quality pedometers are $42 each (incl GST) when ordered by mail order, or $40 (incl GST) purchased at Brian Perry Sports House.


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Keywords: Exercise, Mail Order