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By: Splash  06-Dec-2011


Prior to the 1990's, assembling a set of double tanks required a little patience and a lot of finesse. Manifold center spacing was not standardized and depending on the size of the tanks, getting the proper spacing to prevent the bolts from scraping the tanks or stressing the valves was not easy.Today, manifolds have become standardized at 8.5-inch (21.6 cm) center-to-center spacing, which gives up to 0.25-inches (6.35 mm) of adjustability so that tank bands will fit properly.This manifold uses three barrel o-rings to seal either end of the cross-bar, which provides better shock absorption and redundancy compared to the old-style metal-to-metal seal manifolds.The 300 bar manifold valves have a 203mm isolation crossbar that fits both 7.25-inch and 8-inch diameter tanks. Shock absorbing ribbed rubber knobs are rugged, yet easy to manipulate.This 300 Bar Manifold is designed for use solely with DIN valves, uses oxygen compatible lubricants and is Nitrox ready up to 40-percent.
  • Ribbed, rubber knobs with stainless steel inserts are tough, yet easy to open/close
  • Triple barrel o-ring seals provides redundancy and better shock absorption
  • Brass with chrome-plated finish gives rugged protection and durability

NZ $245.00
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