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By: Splash Direct  06-Dec-2011

General Guidelines for Calculating the Potential Required
to heat a given space


  • Q = V x Y x K
  • Q = Thermal potential of space heater k/cal (to have BTU x 4)
  • V = Volume of space to be heated M³
  • Y = Difference in temperature C°
  • K = Dispersion coefficient
    • K = 1.6 – Spaces less than 4 meter high
    • K = 2.0 – Spaces more than 4 meters high
    • K = 4.0 – Half open spaces


If a workshop has a height less than 4 meters; and dimensions of:

  • 30 Meters (L)
  • 20 Meters (W)
  • 3.7 Meters (H)

Room temperature this workshop wants to acheive is 15°C and considering that their early morning temperature is 2°C minimum.

  • Q = V = 30 x 20 x 3.7 = 2220m³
  • Y = 15°C less 2°C = 13°C
  • K = 1.6 (Space less than 4m high)
  • (V) 2220 x (Y) 13 x (K) 1.6 = 46176 k/cal
  • k/cal x 4 = 184,704 BTU

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