what we do - website updates

By: Spiral  05-Apr-2012

                               .. while we update your website

We have developed a systematic process to quickly action your website updates, with the minimum of fuss and to the high standards most people want.

Your work request might include
  • Changing contact details
  • Adding/changing text
  • Inserting images
  • Creating a blog interface
  • Adding a plug-in
  • Hand coding some software for you
  • Integratrating with a database

How quickly do you want that change?

In many cases your change is actioned within 2 days but the following turnaround times are guaranteed.

ASAP - $150

If you ask for it ASAP or don’t say when you need it, then we’ll do your updates within 10 working days.
The ASAP plan has a guaranteed turnaround – get your updates to us by 9am Monday and they will be done by 5pm Friday of the same week.
In most cases it’s completed within 2 days. If you miss the 9am deadline your work may not be completed until 5pm on Friday of the following week depending on our workload.
If you want it ASAP, it will cost you $150 per hour plus GST.

Speedy - $275

If you want a guaranteed 48 hour weekday turnaround on your changes then opt for this one. It’s a bit more expensive but sometimes you just need the information on your website …. Quickly!
The Speedy option will cost you $275 per hour plus GST. Minimum charge 1 hour.

Super-Speedy - $450

For when you need it NOW!
You may be receiving an award, have a short notice TV interview or there may be legal issues at stake. Whatever your urgent reason just email one of the team and text Audrey to get it done in super quick time.
You need to be an existing client for this one, but if you are, and we’ve done work for you before, then we can turn those urgent updates around within 12 hours – even on the weekend!
This option is $450 per hour plus GST. Minimum charge 1 hour.

GST is not included in these rates.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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