what we do - web solutions

By: Spiral  05-Apr-2012

Creating software and websites that are easy to use and "do the job" for you is our passion.  We specialise in flexible, functional, future-proofed websites. You may be wondering exactly what that means so I'll explain ..


Your website will be designed to fit your organisation, to show who you are and help you communicate your message. We dont use other peoples templates then try and fit your business into a rigid layout .. we build your webpage layouts around you, for you .. its totally flexible and designers can go wild with their ideas.


Making your website easy to update saves you time and makes you more productive.

Adding everyday functionality to your site can save time in your office and free up your team for more productive activities.


Do you have a crystal ball? We don't either but we have the next best thing .. software development skills. That means we can change your website, add stuff to it like online shops .. blogs .. Facebook .. third party software .. even write software for you.

Some of what we do at Spiral

You may need some of these ..

  • website design and build
  • web content management
  • project collaboration tools
  • domain name registration
  • site hosting
  • e-commerce
  • webmail
  • blog management
  • web services (XML)
  • web copywriting
  • website management
  • online surveys
  • MS SQL Server
  • database design
  • website reporting
  • project management
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • web photography

Other products and services from Spiral


Website development

Any database work we undertake uses the enterprise level database Microsoft SQL Server. Communicating with your customers sometimes means creating specific tools. SQL Server is comfortable processing many more products than this. We specialise in Microsoft .NET development.


what we do - Social Media & Facebook

If you really want to zizzz-up your Facebook fan page or add some cool interactivity then we have the smarts to do that for you. Your customers are online - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, YouTube, Flickr are where they hang out. We are developing applications and custom graphics on the Facebook platform for customers as they need them.


what we do - website updates

The ASAP plan has a guaranteed turnaround – get your updates to us by 9am Monday and they will be done by 5pm Friday of the same week.In most cases it’s completed within 2 days.


what we do - websites

Findability - the ability to be found and indexed accurately by search engines.