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SERVICES(to be read in conjunction with a personalized rates schedule)TIME CRITICAL SERVICE
One Hour Delivery - Column A of our rates schedule all 1 and 2 zones 90 Minute Delivery - Column A for 3 and 4 zones (goal set at 1 hour but may require an additional 30 minutes depending on traffic 120 Minute Delivery - Column B at a reduced rate for 5-8 zones
Van hire is available for those with special needs. An additional $10.00 on top of the normal job charge and the time frame for delivery is advised at time of call. Dedicated service indicated in Column C of your rates schedule gives you a driver that will go point to point with no interruptions. The time frame will be advised when you call. Out of Auckland Urgent Delivery is available for point to point service on a one way kilometer charge basis. (24 Hour) Van Hire (Dedicated) $45.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimumNON URGENT SERVICE
Speedy Couriers operate an account with a nation wide freight company called T.N.T with whom we connect to for our nationwide services.CHARGES
A weight limit of 25kg applies (ie approx a 2 box's of photocopy paper). Every 10 kg (or part thereof) in excess costs an additional $4.00. An additional $4.00 applies if our courier is kept waiting longer than five minutes for the job to be ready.CALL OUT RATES
(Apply Saturday , Sunday and outside working hours )
6.00pm - 10.00pm $30.00
10.00pm - 5.00am $50.00
Public Holidays $50.00
The cost of the job is the total of your normal rate plus the call out fee.CASH JOBS
Cash jobs are more expensive than a client account and are subject to the availability of a driver due to the priority that client accounts have. When you call we will advise you of the cost and time frame which may vary from that advertised depending on the traffic conditions at the time. Please use the rates calculator page in our website to obtain a quote. The zone rate of a cash job is greater than client account basis but the number of zones that is used to charge the job is as per the calculator.
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Keywords: Client Account, Freight Company