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By: Spectronics  06-Dec-2011

Just add a laptop or an iPad! No data projector needed. No shadows. Fully height-adjustable. Even project wirelessly from your iPad (using an Apple TV unit and a WiFi connection)!

Save over $500 by buying this bundle!

Best of all, the LCD Touchscreen and trolley combined are cheaper than many interactive whiteboard options. AND do not have the ongoing costs and inconvenience of data projector bulb replacement. The five year warranty also helps for peace of mind that this new technology is classroom-tough.

How does it work? Just plug in your Mac or Windows laptop and run any of your favourite touchscreen or interactive whiteboard software programs. Titles like , , and or are excellent applications to combine with your Interactive LCD screen. So we have bundled these (and many more) together as the “All-you-need Interactive Touchscreen Classroom Bundle”. This comprehensive special school classroom bundle offers 100 titles designed to support students requiring cause-and-effect and early choice-making activities, all the way through to those requiring upper primary level literacy resources. Save over $500 by buying the bundle.

Can you use it with an iPad? Yes! In fact, when the LCD Touchscreens were in action at a recent conference, visitors were referring them as “giant iPads on speed”. Just plug your iPad 2 in using an HDMI cable and all apps installed on the iPad will be available on the big touchscreen allowing collaborative group activities not possible on the smaller iPad screen. Even better, you can project wirelessly to the LCD touchscreen allowing freedom of movement around the classroom for both the teacher and the iPad being projected. All you need to make this happen is to purchase an Apple TV unit, an HDMI cable and have access to a WiFi connection. Magic … well almost!

This bundle includes: (Single user licences for all of the software programs)

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