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By: Spatialmedia  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Metadata, Web Mapping


  • Unzoom (zoom to full extent of layers).
  • Screen Plot (return a large map with title for local printing).
  • Back Plot (request that a map is printed direct from the server).
  • Zoom out 2x

map-TV provides a text box where users can enter a "gazetteer" location to search for. Searches can be exact or matched with a wild card (i.e. xyz*).

Map layers can be turned on or off on the client. Optionally users can choose from a list of fields for labeling for each layer.

MetaData functions allow sites to publish and maintain a searchable catalogue of their geographic data holdings. Any theme (or any of its component layers, fields etc) can have metadata recorded against it. If metadata publishing is then enabled users can click on an icon beside each theme name to load a page of nested tables containing the metadata. Metadata might include links to download geographic datasets, or links to other map-TV servers.
MetaData searches.
Users can request a search metadata operation. They can then search all metadata by keyword, optionally constrained by the currently mapped extent. Matching themes will then be highlighted, or optionally nonmatching themes removed from the list of availabel themes.

11. What do I need to run map-TV?
Server - We recommend a 300 MHz machine, ideally with 128 Mbytes of RAM, but map-TV will run on much slower machines if necessary (and was developed on a 166/32 Mbytes AMD workhorse). Windows NT is recommended, but again you can get away with 95 or 98.
Client - To be honest, we have yet to try a 16 bit Windows client  - but basically anything goes, as long as the browser will support Javascript 1.0. Let the server do the work.

  • To demonstrate that web mapping can be simple and cheap.
  • To demonstrate our can-do approach to web mapping.
  • To make sure that anyone who needs serious web mapping functions in their systems talks to us first.

The only thing you can't do with map-TV is use it as a developer tool (you need map-TV Open for that) so why not download map-TV. If nothing else you will learn a lot about your own requirements.

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Keywords: Metadata, Web Mapping

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