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By: Spark Dental Technology  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Oral Health, Digital Images

The web based Oral Health Record is designed to provide access to the current oral health status of patients for oral health providers in locations outside of the Titanium implementation, and to support the inclusion of a patient Oral Health Record in service wide patient centric electronic patient records.

The Titanium Oral Health Record is effectively a web page where the patient primary identifier is passed as a parameter in the URL. There is no built in authentication and it is expected that access will be controlled by other systems on the customer’s intranet.

Key Features

  • All pages within the web chart are displayed with a patient banner at the top of the page to identify the record being viewed
  • The view is clearly labeled “Oral Health Record” with the Titanium logo to distinguish the type of clinical data being viewed
  • The presence of the Medical History “red cross” indicates the presence of medical history data that can be viewed in the expanded banner view
  • The Charting tab is the main view of treatment codes and notes, showing;
    • Date of completion
    • Treatment Code, Tooth Number (if applicable), Surface(s) (if applicable)
    • Treatment item description (and custom screen name (if applicable))
    • Provider (Titanium Code and name)
    • Clinical notes (if entered) against the treatment code
  • Specialty clinical data may be captured in a structured format in Titanium via user designed custom screens. Data within these screens are accessible via the web chart
  • Prescriptions recorded through Titanium are available under the Prescriptions tab
  • Digital Images are viewed under the Imaging tab

Key Benefits

  • Patient oral health records can be accessed by appropriate affiliated health care providers
  • Can be used outside of clinic hours
  • Minimal training required
  • Simple language suits non dental users

Keywords: Digital Images, Oral Health

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