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By: Spanbild  05-Apr-2012

Spanbild consortium selected to provide emergency housing
Following the devastating Canterbury earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, a unique partnership of three locally-owned and operated companies – Spanbild, Hawkins Construction and Fulton Hogan – was selected to provide emergency housing for Christchurch residents.

In March 2011, following February’s damaging earthquake, the Department of Building and Housing called for submissions for the creation of a number of emergency housing villages, using quality, relocatable homes, to house hundreds of displaced residents.
In response to this, Spanbild was instrumental in forming a new partnership with Hawkins Construction and Fulton Hogan, to submit a compelling value proposition that was ultimately selected over 200 competing submissions.
The consortium of Canterbury companies was subsequently awarded a contract for the provision of up to 250 relocatable homes in villages established closest to the areas of most significant need, in Linwood Park, Kaiapoi Domain and Rawhiti Domain.
Spanbild general manager – business development Tim Blake says the partnership reflected the key abilities of each of the businesses involved.
“This project leveraged the core strength of the Spanbild system – to provide quality affordable designs, with supporting large-scale manufacturing capability,” says Tim Blake.
  Spanbild manufactured over 20 units each week during the initial phase of the project.
“This worked extremely well in conjunction with the large-scale building resources Hawkins was able to provide, supported by the market-leading infrastructure development services provided by Fulton Hogan.”
The first two developments were completed in an extremely short timeframe, enabling the Department of Building and Housing to make the first homes available before the onset of the worst of the winter weather. The 22 homes in the Kaiapoi village were completed in ten weeks, while the Linwood village of 42 homes was fully constructed in just twelve weeks. After another significant earthquake in June, the decision was made to put the Rawhiti Domain village on hold pending approval by the DBH.
Tim Blake says the rapid deployment of resources to build the new villages is testament to the commitment of the three Christchurch-based companies in response to major community demand.
“As a partnership, I believe we are all very proud of what we achieved in such a short space of time for people who had lost their homes in the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011,” says Tim Blake.
“Each of our businesses had both the scale and systems established to make this kind of fast-reaction project possible. But working together in the face of an unprecedented emergency truly showed what we – and the Christchurch community – is capable of achieving.”

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