South Pine Timber Quality Products and Grades

By: Southpine  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Furniture, Timber, Framing

A fine product for every purpose - our timber is purpose-graded and processed to exacting customer requirements.

Our clears, cuttings and decorative grades are ideal for furniture making and all types of joinery, and have an excellent reputation throughout the world.  Our framing and general construction timber are in constant demand.

Whatever the end use, Southpine remains dedicated to providing its customers with a diverse range of timber products of the highest quality.

This grade is the highest quality and most valuable of all grades produced from pruned sawlogs.  It is commonly used for furniture, joinery, internal finishing, door etc.
This premium grade allows for the cross cutting of longer length clear cuttings suitable for the manufacture of furniture, internal finishings, turned components, window components, toys, doors etc.
This medium grade allows for the defecting of medium length clear cuttings suitable for manufacture of furniture, windows, louvre doors, toys, novelties etc.
No. 3 cuttings allow for the defecting of shorter length clear cuttings suitable for the manufacture of furniture, windows, louvre doors, toys, novelties, fingerjoint blanks etc.
Suitable for the manufacture of high quality solid lumber products which allow for the display of the imperfections detailed below. Also suitable for ripping, for mouldings, picture frames, etc.
Where appearance is not a major attribute, and suitable for multi purpose applications such as shelving's, interior linings and CAA treated for outdoor use.
No 1 Framing is graded for strength and stiffness because of its need to carry overhead loads (i.e. roofs or multi story buildings).
Internal framing and where defects such as large knots can be cut out to upgrade into No 1 framing. No 2 framing is extensively used CCA treated for exterior use in pergolas, fence rails etc.
Suitable for packaging, pallet manufacture, defecting to improve quality (i.e. removing large knots to upgrade to construction quality), fingerjoint blanks, furniture backing etc.

Keywords: Framing, Furniture, Furniture Making, Timber, Timber Products