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By: K9 Essentials  04-Jan-2012
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Orijen Dog FoodOrijen Dog Food AWARD-WINNING, BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE PET FOODS DOGS AND CATS EVOLVED AS HUNTERS — THE STRUCTURE OF THEIR TEETH, JAWS AND DIGESTIVE SYSTEM SCIENTIFICALLY CLASSIFIES THEM AS CARNIVORES, EVOLVED TO OPERATE ON AN MEAT-BASED DIET. Yet witness the current trend of 'holistic' pet foods that are grain-based, contain little meat or protein, exceed 40% in carbohydrates, and feature fashionable ingredients — more often for their consumer appeal than for any nutritional benefit to dogs or cats. THE BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE CONCEPT IS SIMPLE: MIRROR THE BALANCE AND VARIETY OF FOODS THAT DOGS AND CATS WOULD NATURALLY FIND HUNTING IN THE WILD AND FOR WHICH THEY ARE EVOLVED TO EAT.

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