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By: Tim Mann Design  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Branding, Rack Cards, Leaflet

welcome to tim mann designA graphic design consultancy for all your visual communication requirements and advice. Think of us as the architects of your message. Based in southern New Zealand but with an international background, tim mann design will bring a friendly and helpful Southland experience to your graphic design challenge.

Whether the challenge is to make your name more widely known or you have something to say to a specific audience, we will work with you to find the best solution. From the logo on your stationery to the sign above your door, from an information leaflet or brochure to an entire custom website design and build, we will help you to communicate more effectively.   

Every item of communication builds an image of the sender in the minds of its audience. Branding is about creating and managing that image. Whether you are a small business, a large organisation or a freelance professional you cannot avoid creating an impression of who you are, what you do and how you do it. Branding builds confidence by linking all points of public contact into a recognisable and appropriate identity.

For many starting out, a confusing identity is achieved as it changes with every new piece of communication. Whether it’s a hastily put together logo for a rack card, a sign from the sign-writers or an entire website – each adds it’s own flavour often creating a confusing image. Many live with this for far too long and lose business as a direct result. Identity is about building confidence and communicating clearly by linking all points of public contact. It forms the basis of an audience’s understanding. Think of it as wearing the right outfit – a shirt or tie on its own leaves you underdressed. Putting a miss-matched shirt and tie together suggests a lack of care. But chosen well and worn together with a suit they say smart, professional, intelligent and heading somewhere exciting.   

We will work with your current identity or image to develop new solutions to fit into your existing scheme. By designing your information clearly and logically we will be reaching your target audience more effectively.   

Designs for business cards, websites, interpretation panels, books, letterheads, leaflets, rack cards, signs, banners, corporate literature, reports, adverts, vehicle signage, posters… in a word, solutions. By managing your project from start to finish we work with suppliers to get the best and most cost effective results for you.   

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Keywords: Branding, Leaflet, Rack Cards, Visual Communication Requirements