Bokashi Products Reduce Organic Waste

By: Zingbokashi  06-Dec-2011

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ZingBokashi Compost-Zing Gift Pack

Whether you’re stuck for a gift for your mum on Mother’s Day, want something different for your business clients, or want a unique prize for a competition, a ZingBokashi Gift Pack will not only be appreciated today, it’ll make a difference to their future.

Earth Zing (Soil Enhancer) -

Perfect for releasing the nutrients in your soil and improving plant growth - without nasty chemicals.

Research has also shown that fertiliser usage can be reduced over time when EarthZing is used on a regular basis. EarthZing is all natural and contains beneficial microorganisms, fishmeal, seaweed meal humates and basalt rock flour incorporated into plant based byproducts. EarthZing is a 'living' product and provides nutrients and stimulatory compounds to growing plants resulting in

Increased shelf life

Intense colour

Increased flowering

Increased water holding capacity of soils.

The product is packaged in convenient 2.5kg bags and this will cover an area up to 60m2.

Note:  EarthZing should be stored out of direct sunlight in a cool place.