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By: Waituna  06-Dec-2011

Small eels from both species,Longfin/Shortfin are gutted, skinned and diced into portion sizes approximately

50mm x 30mm.

Head and tail portions are removed before packaging.

Segments are packed into 1kg vacuum packs and are quick frozen to ensure two year shelf life.

We produce packs to buyer requirements with labels or rider on 1kg vacuum packs.

Master carton holds 12 x 1kg packs.


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16kg Gutted and Deslimed Eels

Grades go from 1lb - 2lb, 2lb - 3lb, 3lb - 4lb, 4lb+ metric grade can be used also. Both species Longfin/Shortfin are packed separately this way. This pack is mainly for eels over 500gms. Layer packed into 16kg master carton. Shelf life is 2 years.