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By: Blue River Dairy  06-Dec-2011
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Feta Cheese
Gold Medal NZ Cheese Awards 2009

Feta is Greece’s most famous cheese. Tussock Creek Feta is made from 100% pure sheep’s milk. The feta is salted by hand before being preserved in brine for 6 months, then left to mature for several months creating its exquisite, authentic taste. Tussock Creek has a shelf life of 2 years in its original wrapper.

Remember that if you find feta too salty for your taste, simply soak in water or milk one hour before use.

Keywords: Cheese, Milk

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Once the original wrapper is removed, ensure cheese is kept in a container where it is not exposed to air as it will dry out. Left in its original, vacuum packed wrapper, it can be left as it is as long as the best before advises. Should mould develop on the surface of the cheese, simply cut away and continue to use. Prices are exclusive of Freight. Prices are inclusive of GST.


Blue River Dairy - Pecorino Fresco

Pecorino has a natural rind around the outside and a white straw-yellow colour in the middle. After production, this cheese is left to mature for 5-7 months. Curio Bay has a shelf life of 1 year in its original wrapper. Curio Bay Pecorino is made from 100% pure sheep?s milk. Pecorino comes from the Italian Pecora meaning ewe. Champion of Sheep Cheese Award Winner 2010.


Blue River Dairy - SHEEPMilkIceCream

Scooping the award in the category for Premium Vanilla Ice Cream was a real coup for the company and Blue River Sales & Marketing Manager, Kathryn MacDonnell was ecstatic about the award. Milk Maid?s Vanilla, the first in a range of flavours, is made from 100% Pure New Zealand Sheep?s Milk sourced from Blue River?s own farms on the lush green pastures of Southland.


Blue River Dairy - Vintage Style Feta

This one-of-a-kind, limited edition Feta is allowed to mature for a minimum of 2 years at our Invercargill plant, which allows it to develop its rich, creamy mellow flavour. Vintage Style Feta has a shelf life of 1 year in its original wrapper. The Vintage Style Feta is a Gold Award Winner in New Zealand. Aged for min 2 years!Silver Medal NZ Cheese Awards 2009. Vintage Style Feta is made from 100% pure sheep?s milk.


Blue River Dairy - Halloumi Cheese

It is creamy white with a fibrous texture, and is coated with mint to add character and flavour. Monowai Halloumi is made from 100% pure sheep?s milk. Halloumi originated in Cyprus many centuries ago. Silver Medal Winner NZ Cheese Awards.