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By: Better Back  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Back Pain, Stretching

The Backup is light and portable so that you can always sit comfortably no matter where you go, indoors, outdoors and traveling.

Extension straps come with the Backup so that you can engage the feet to sit on the ground with your feet out or in bed reading. The extension straps also allow you effective stretching of your Hamstring, Adductor and Calf muscles without compromising lower back comfort.

The Backup is recommended to retrain correct posture for anyone sitting for long periods at a desk or computer, Pregnancy, as a passenger on long trips in cars, buses or aircraft, for relief of mechanical back pain following work or gardening.

The more you use the Backup initially the less you need it as it retrains the body through muscle memory to keep the pelvis upright in the correct position preventing pressure on Lumbar discs. I recommend that if you are working on the computer sit and use it, when you know you are going to watch your favorite television program, sit and use it. If you come in from gardening sit and have a coffee in it and 5 -10 minutes later your back will be feeling better and you can continue with your day.

Within about 3 weeks of using your Backup regularly you will find that you automatically keep your pelvis upright when sitting.

When this is achieved you will find you only choose to use your Backup when you sit for long periods, if you have had a big physical day, or for times when you need a chair when out and about.

I do recommend that you use the extension straps to perform the Hamstring stretches regularly, as tight Hamstrings lead to sore backs as the body cannot bend forward keeping a straight back if your Hamstrings are tight.  Stretching them is as easy as sitting in a chair with your feet up using the Backup!, and for those who care to do some more advanced stretches there are several shown in the Backups instruction book which don’t take long to do and are really beneficial.

Keywords: Back Pain, Stretching

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