Personal planning : IHC New Zealand | Understanding Intellectual disability

By: Ihc  05-Apr-2012

IDEA Services is committed to a personal planning process driven by each person’s aspirations, wishes and dreams.

We foster positive partnerships with each person we support and their networks, to help them achieve their individual aspirations and goals.

Outcomes Facilitators are based across the country and work in partnership with the individual, their family/whanau, friends and support staff to develop a personal plan.

A plan is generally made once a year but is reviewed regularly throughout the year. We continue to listen and learn to make sure that the plan develops with the person.

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Our services : IHC New Zealand | Understanding Intellectual disability

Services are provided by IHC’s service delivery arms called IDEA Services Limited, IDEA Services family/whanau services and Timata Hou. Every person is encouraged to have a personal plan that reflects their aspirations, dreams and goals. We work in consultation with families, addressing language and cultural issues should they arise.


Accessing our services : IHC New Zealand | Understanding Intellectual disability

Anyone wanting to use our services must go through a comprehensive needs assessment, which gathers information from the person with an intellectual disability and sometimes their family. The NASC agencies assess needs, coordinate services, review people in services, andundertake reassessments if needs change. Most assessments are done by Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Services, which are part of the Ministry of Health.