Which plan is the best choice for your clients

By: Southern Cross Adviser  06-Dec-2011

Our range of plans have been designed with everybody in mind. From straightforward in-hospital surgical and medical cover through to a comprehensive plan that covers dental and optics, we’ve thought of everything. Within the various options, there’s scope for tailoring so that you can always find your clients a happy balance between cost and cover.

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VIP family of plans

VIP plans are modular, which means your clients begin with a foundation module for in-hospital surgical and medical treatment, and then add other types of cover based on their budget and needs. VIP 1, the foundation module that everybody begins with, provides cover for the least predictable, high cost conditions that require in-hospital surgical and medical treatment.


First Cover

Because your clients pay a portion of their treatment costs, the insurance premium they pay for First Cover is lower. A First Cover plan will reimburse as much as 80% of your clients eligible costs and up to stated policy limits. It covers your clients for the problems that are least predictable and have the highest potential cost. Beginning with a foundation module, your clients can add extra cover to suit their needs.


Critical Illness plan

Critical Illness is offered to members as an affordable add-on to their existing policy, providing for a one-off lump sum payment if members are diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness such as cancer or a stroke. It is not designed as a substitute for health insurance, instead it is designed to meet the wider health and wellbeing needs of members should they experience a critical illness.