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2010-09-02 20:25:00

Please find following information for families around the importance of children attending kindergarten as regularly as possible. While we understand there maybe certain circumstances for regular and repeated absences, we encourage you to observe the hours that your child is enrolled.

In March, the Ministry of Education reiterated and clarified its expectations around funding for children attending early childhood services.

Kindergartens are funded for each child enrolled at kindergarten. The funding is based on each child attending for the hours specified in their enrolment agreement.

The Ministry of Education has 2 rules kindergartens must keep to for claiming funding when children are absent: the Frequent Absence rule and the Continuous Absence rule.

The Frequent Absence Rule:

Until recently, if your child had a pattern of frequent absence over a number of days in a month, the teachers would confirm that you still wanted to bring your child as per your enrolment agreement. This enabled us to claim funding even when they were absent. However, the Ministry of Education have stated that kindergartens can not claim funding for 'frequent absences' that continue for more than three months.

Frequent absences are defined as following:

  1. The child is absent on the same enrolled day or days of the week for more than half of these days in a calendar month
  2. The child attends for fewer days per week than they are enrolled to attend, in more than half of the weeks in a calendar month
  3. The child attends fewer hours than they are enrolled to attend, on more than half of their enrolled days in a calendar month

The Continuous Absence Rule

If your child is absent for more than 21 days in a row, the kindergarten is unable to claim any funding until they return, unless your child has a medical certificate.

Our funding from the government is severely decreased when we are unable to claim funding due to these absence rules. This decrease in funding affects our ability to run the kindergarten, so your kindergarten teachers will talk to you about your child's attendance if a pattern of absence is noted. Alternatively, we encourage you to talk to your teachers if there are extenuating circumstances we need to be aware of. Children with special needs or health problems may be exempted from the absence rules. In this situation, a parent and teacher need to fill in an Application for Exemption from Absence rule for Special and/or Health Needs (E12) and held on file for MoE audit purposes.

If you have any questions, please talk to your teachers or ring the Association office on 06 278 0225.

Keywords: Kindergartens, Teachers

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