By: Source Living  06-Dec-2011
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Natural Soaps

Source Living's range of Natural Soaps are made from simple, traditional ingredients just like Grandma used to use. There are no added colours, fragrance or other chemical additives i.e. synthetic colorants, harsh solvents and chemical surfectants.

Natural Vegetable Soap

Made from vegetable shortening, coconut oil, rice bran oil, water and lye. This soap is ideal to use as an affordable every-day family soap. As a soap base its extra firmness allows you to add a high percentage of colour, fragrance and botanicals whilst still making a nice firm bar.

Natural Rice Bran Soap

A smooth soap with a rich, creamy lather made from rice bran oil, coconut oil, water and lye. The extra creamy lather of our rice bran soap adds a real touch on luxury to your bath; also the thick lather makes it a suitable shaving or shampoo soap. As a base for soap making it makes a wonderful soap with your favorite essential oil/s and maybe a dash of French clay.

Soap Making Kits

Our soap making kits are an ideal introduction for the beginner soap maker and make excellent gifts. Complete with 450g vegetable soap base, 100% essential oil 5ml, Fine French Clay 10gm and instruction sheet. Pakaged for the gift and craft market, you can choose from 5 different combinations of essential oils and colored clays.

Natural Colorants

Our range includes plant derived colorants plus French and Australian clays. Plant derived colorants tend to be quite strong usually acting like a dye, changing the colour of your soap but leaving the texture unchanged. Clay derived colorants are far more subtle giving your soap a wash of the colour. Also as each clay tends to have different skin care properties your finished soap will have these properties as well. Experiment with the clays, they make truly interesting finished soaps.

Essential Oils

Pure 100% Essential Oils that each have their own unique properties for healing the skin, the body and the mind. Made from pure plant extracts from all over the world, these quality oils can be used for aromatherapy as well as in your soap making.

Keywords: Chemical Additives, Clay, Natural Soaps, Oil, Soap, Soap Making