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By: SolarWind  06-Dec-2011

Solarwind Technologies » AH-10KW

Introduction of 10kw pitch controlled wind turbine
10kw pitch controlled wind turbine, is a newly patented product and a pioneer in domestic power generation. The self-contained centrifugal pitch controlled mechanism of this Wind turbine adjusts blade pitch according to the wind rotor rotating speed, and keeps the wind turbine at a rated rotating speed. The wind turbine has a stable output power and safe running performance in higher wind speeds. It is largely maintenance free. Wind Turbine never over revs even when it encounters variable wind speeds and gale conditions.

Low wind speed start up, pitch regulation, safe system

The RPM of the rotor drives the centrifugal pitch control mechanism to adjust the blade pitch controlling the blade pitch and in turn holding the the RPM at a near constant speed. This type of closed loop control delivers very reliable regulation. The pitch control mechanism is sensitive, reliable, and is ideal for use in variable wind environments.

AH-10kW Pitch Controlled Wind Turbine Basic Component

AH-10kW pitch controlled wind turbine on-grid system contains as follows:

Wind generator: AHBJ7.5 pitch controlled wind turbine generator

On-grid controller: AHCGD-10-C-DC-UL

On-grid inverter: SMA on-grid inverter WINDY BOY 6000A (two set in parallel connection).

System Function Basic Character Parameter

1) Start-up Wind Speed: 2.5m/s

2) Cut-in Wind Speed: The system can connect with the grid at wind speeds more than 3m/s.

3) Rated Wind Speed: When the wind speed is more than 12m/s, it will be producing full power output. The on-grid power output will be 10kW.

4) Performance under Gale Conditions: When the system is working at wind speeds from 12m/s to 30m/s, the system will be pitch controlled and will dump load automatically, thus it will not run at excessive speed but will still produce full power.

5) Excessive Gale force Wind Conditions: When the wind speed is more than 30m/s, the system should be protected by shutting it down with the manual brake.

System Power Output Curve:

At start-up the turbine blade pitch is set to a coarse attack angle facilitating a clean start up in 2m/s wind speeds. As the wind turbine starts to run the blade pitch varies to optimise efficiency from 4-12m/s wind speed:,
From 11 m/s the control mechanism optimises the blade pitch to keep the maximum output power output of the wind turbine constant. Upon encountering to strong wind conditions the mechanism can adjust blade pitch into a negative attack angle to keep the rotational speed within limits;
Manual stop: The system is fitted with a manual winch and mechanical brake to stop wind turbine.

10KW Wind turbine and Tower

Strong professional Construction

Quiet High Efficiency Blades

Reinforced Fibre Glass Tails

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