U-Pipe Collector

By: Solar Commercial  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Hot Water, Solar Energy

Tianpu solar energy group (company) first manufactured a "U" tube design twelve years ago to fit modular solar heating systems. The aim was to produce an all-glass vacuum tube that still works efficiently even if a tube is broken.

Product features also include:

  • Test pressure is at 12Kg/cm ² (12bar), and system working pressure is up to 6Kg/cm ² (6bar)
  • A Solar Commercial solar heating system continues to work at temperatures as low as -25degrees
  • The modular panels can be linked in series

Technical Parameters :

Model BJ-1.65/12
The total area of collector 1.9m²
Vacuum Tube Specification Ø 58×1800mm
Vacuum Tube Volume 12
U-shaped Copper Tube Specification Ø 10×0.6mm
Heat Insulator Material Polyurethane(without freon)
Working Medium Water
Fluid Capacity 3.15L
Working pressure> 6bar
The Instantaneous Efficiency Equation η(x)=0.7312-6.52x-15G·x²[x=(tm-ta)/G]
The Outside size 2024×1060×185 mm
Net Weight 35Kg
Gross weight 38Kg
Package Size 2060×1100×200 mm

All glass solar vacuum collector tube

Tianpu solar energy group is a leader in the solar energy industry. It first produced the Ф47mm vacuum tube in the early 1990s. Since then Tianpu has introduced a Ф58mm.  Several of Tianpu's products have been used to set the national standard when promoting the solar energy industry in China. For 18 years Tianpu have continued to pursue technological advances in solar energy performance.

Tianpu has always been a leader in the field of solar energy technology.   With an annual output of 10 million all-glass vacuum tubes, Tianpu is a leader in solar energy technologies. The company is continuously researching ways to expand solar energy applications.

Keywords: Hot Water, Solar Energy

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Compare U-pipe with heat-pipe collector

While the two collectors have nearly identical efficiency ratings, the U-Pipe Collectors actually require fewer tubes up on the roof to reach the same peak efficiency levels. Some heat pipes contain chemicals such as antifreeze, which over a period of time can start to lose efficiency, resulting in the need to be replaced.



To achieve these savings, Solar Commercial advise that large collectors and extra storage tanks are essential in order to have effective solar water heating and storage. The black coating on the inner cover of the evacuated tubes ensures high solar energy absorption and low heat radiance losses. For dairy farmers there is a huge potential for savings with an effective solar water heating solution from Solar Commercial.