Soho Systems Ltd, Professional IT Support Services for Small to Medium Businesses

By: Soho Systems  06-Dec-2011

Soho Systems delivers professional IT Services to the New Zealand SME market. Our services encompass a broad range of technologies & IT Solutions that complement most industry verticals and mesh with our target market space.


We offer Product and Technology Consulting, IT Strategic Planning and Budgeting, Network Architecture,


We pride ourselves in Network Design and Installation. Please feel free to call us to perform a Network Review / Audit of your current network,


As electronic networks are continually expanding with new intranet and extranet applications, strong emphasis is being placed on technologies that prevent intrusion, protect data, and remove network vulnerabilities. We're here to help you through this minefield,

Digital Video Recorder - CCTV

The HRDE 4x4 is esigned for small to mid-sized businesses that demand and affordable, high-quality DVR with advanced features and functionality. Easy to install, and cost-effective digital video solution that offers features and functionality more commonly inherent in higher end digital video recorders at substantially lower cost.

Systems Integration

A quality approach to systems integration will provide your company with a strong foundation from which to plan your strategic initiatives. In short, if your IT works well together, you are in an excellent position to recognise opportunities,


An Intranet is a network based on the internet TCP/IP open standard. An intranet belongs to an organisation, and is designed to be accessible only by the organisation's members, employees, or others with authorisation,


You need to organise some computing equipment for your office and you want a fast, efficient and friendly team to give you the right advice the first time. We're here to help,

General Computing, Hardware and Software

SOHO Systems provides a wide variety of computing services in hardware and software,

Supply of Consumables

SOHO Systems supplies a large number of brands, supplying media, printer, battery / powerpack consumables,