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By: Software Factory  06-Dec-2011

Save money

eSafenSound is a SaaS solution. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of SaaS solutions is four times lower than other on-site solutions since it requires no software or hardware, no dedicated IT team and supports faultless upgrades and updates. Using SaaS means that you can always enjoy the latest features and benefits without having to worry about handling the complexity of software updates at no extra costs.


eSafenSound not only enables collaboration within your organization but also allows you to securely collaborate with your partners, suppliers and customers.

Ease of use

We have considered the usability of the product throughout the design process. This has resulted in a system that can be used by all levels of your organisation without the need for extensive training.


eSafenSound allows you to start using it and increase usage rapidly, without requiring long and expensive customization or training. You can avoid taking on long term commitments and can easily change the number of purchased licenses in response to changes in your business needs.