Policies and Procedures

By: Social Services Waikato  06-Dec-2011

Do you know the difference?

Policies are the guiding principles by which an organisation is run

They outline the kaupapa and tikanga of the organisation, the core values and principles and the process by which it operates. They clarify an organisation's mission, values and strategic direction. They provide boundaries within which the organisation can act. Policies are designed, endorsed and monitored by the board. Policies are necessary to safeguard your stakeholders, including staff, board members and clients.

Procedures outline how the organisation will give effect to the policy- the actual steps to follow to put the policies into action

Procedures are designed, endorsed and monitored by management.
For example a health and safety policy outlines the rationale- ensuring the safety of everyone on the premises. The procedure gives guidance on how to enact this- such as performance of hazard checks, evacuation plans and meeting first aid requirements.

Developing Effective Policies

The first step in developing your policies is deciding what you need. Ideally you should have a policy to support every area of your operation. Contact one of our community here at Community Waikato for some one on one assistance in this area.
The 'Community Resource Kit', available at and the ‘Nine Steps to Effective Governance’ which can be purchased or viewed online at are both very useful resources when developing policies and procedures. They also provide information on all other areas of organisational governance. 
Once you have established what you require the policies themselves need to be written.
Here we provide a number of samples that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of your organisation. It is important to tailor each policy specifically for your organisation, rather than use these samples ‘as is’. 
Sample Policies

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