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By: Social Services Waikato  06-Dec-2011

Financial management is about managing money received or spent. Doing this well is essential to any group's survival. There are a few essential steps in the funding process.


Where to start looking for funding

Department of Internal Affairs Community Funding Advisors can help you with a wide variety of information and advice.  Go to their website for information on


Your Local Council will have someone available to discuss your funding needs.

Databases can be accessed by purchasing a license from the Funding Information Service or viewed for free at your local library.


Accountability involves two main  functions  

These are:

  • reporting back to your funder
  • your paper trail

Always ensure you do follow the accountability requirements of your funder. Plan for these in advance so they don't get overlooked. Not meeting your  accountability requirements will impact on further funding. Make sure you supply your funder with all the details they require. Throughout the course of your funded project collect any reports etc and save these in your funding folder ready to include with your accountability.


Create a funding folder

Having a funding folder personalised for your organisation, and for each stream of funding you apply to and recieve simplifies the whole process.

to access a template.


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for assistance in this area.

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Policies and Procedures

Contact one of our community here at Community Waikato for some one on one assistance in this area.The 'Community Resource Kit', available at and the ‘Nine Steps to Effective Governance’ which can be purchased or viewed online at are both very useful resources when developing policies and procedures. The procedure gives guidance on how to enact this- such as performance of hazard checks, evacuation plans and meeting first aid requirements.


community sector governance

Governance is the structure an organisation uses to set goals, monitor performance, maintain viability and ensure compliance with legal requirements and ethical standards. Manage the administrative functions (some of these tasks might be done by committee members working as volunteers. Planning and monitoring organisational achievements in relation to these objectives/mission. The main tasks of the governing body of an organisation are.


Planning - Community Waikato

It helps to identify potential problems, communicate plans to stakeholders and guide the organisation to work towards a common vision. The advisors from Community Waikato understand that planning is a dynamic, evolving process that is unique to each organisation. Planning helps groups to establish attainable goals and sets out who and how they will achieve them.