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By: Snorkel Battle Extreme  06-Dec-2011

Designed and refined by Dave Parore over the last 20 years, the Parore Puck is arguably the best puck in the world. Unlike pucks designed with flat surfaces and hard slider plates, the Parore Puck does not skitter or bobble. The external profile and coating are designed to flatten bumps and return the puck to a stable horizontal orientation immediately after a pass or tackle. Corner radiuses and face tapers makes the puck ‘sit down’ after hitting a lumpy tile edge or being hit by the opposition.

The outer coating is softer than most pucks, making the Parore Puck safer for players and easier on equipment and swimming pools. Unlike other soft pucks that ‘stick’, the Parore Puck’s coating is impregnated with a lubricating agent that slowly releases as the puck wears, and because of the special center depresion the puck “floats” on a thin layer of water when moving.

The internal lead profiles have evolved over the Parore Puck’s 20 years of development to enable unrivaled control over passing and skills. The Parore Puck will do what its told allowing a player and team to concentrate on their game plan rather than dealing with the puck.

The Parore Puck was used in the 2004 World Champs in Christchurch which heralded a new era in open, fluid underwater hockey. It is also used in all New Zealand competitions from junior and schools competitions to National Championships, and has contributed to the exceptional skill level of New Zealand’s top players.

If you want to improve your game, get a Parore Puck!

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