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By: Sngk  05-Apr-2012
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If you want to sell products or services online, an e-commerce website is for you. Often called an online shop or shopping cart, an e-commerce website allows users to purchase from you over the internet from your virtual shop. We have developed our own powerful online e-commerce website engine - SNGK Commerce, that allows you complete control of running an your online shop.

SNGK Commerce is scalable and so is suited to all e-commerce sites from those for very small business to high end large retailers.

When creating an e-commerce website for you we will build it upon SNGK Commerce and customise the store front to your specifications.

SNGK Commerce comes complete with our content management system (SNGK CMS) so you can update your site easily whenever needed.

Everything from categories, products, customer, orders, to shipping types are stored behind the scenes in the website database and can all be viewed and manipulated in the administration section of the website.

SNGK Commerce, E-Commerce Site Engine - Features Overview

Here are a just a few of the useful features built into SNGK Commerce:

Shop Front Features
  • Customer Accounts
  • 'Also bought'/'you may also like' products
  • Product reviews
  • Product views - Gallery and List
  • Product pagination and sorting
  • Fully dynamically generated menus
  • Multiple images per product
  • Smooth lightbox large image display
  • Display any category natively on homepage
Administration Features
  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Ability to publish and unpublish products and categories
  • Full CMS
  • Control default number of products per page
  • Full order processing
  • Sales reporting suite with dynamic graph generation
  • Voucher/Promotional code generation
  • Product Import from CSV tool

  • Unlimited number of products. Only limiting factor is server hard disk space
  • Unlimited number of categories and subcategories
  • Ability to have a products in multiple categories or subcategories
  • Full publishing and unpublishing of categories, subcategories and products
  • Manage SKUs - style, colour, size
  • Order management and processing
  • Customer management - edit customer details, view customers' orders, change passwords
  • Full control of shipping types including multiple international shipping types. Set free delivery thresholds
  • Sales reporting suite. Report on sales by: Day, Month, Year, Day of Week, Month of Year, Product, Customer, Tracking Token
  • Smarter Stats traffic reporting suite as a part of hosting package
  • Tracking token management - add your own tracking tokens. This allows you to see the success of campaigns
  • Promotional Code/Gift Voucher Management. Create your own codes that provide percentage or absolute discounts
  • Loyalty Points - customers build up loyalty points which they can then use to get discounted products
  • Invoice Printing - Creates invoices for each order so you don't have to manually do this
  • Ability to publish a subcategory on homepage. Ideal for such ranges as 'Specials', 'New Products', 'Featured Products'.
  • Product reviews. Facility to scrutinise all reviews before publishing them.
  • Stock level management. Maintain stock levels completely on the website. Upload new stock levels via spreadsheet CSV file
  • Pricing management. Upload new prices via spreadsheet CSV file
  • Gallery and List view of products. Choose default view. Select number of products per page in site settings section
  • Control default number of products shown per page
  • Scrutinise product reviews before publishing
  • Export data to spreadsheet - orders, customers, sales reporting data, reviews, shipping costs by country

Payment Providers

There are many options when it comes to handling payments on your e-commerce website. The compliance costs of handling credit card transactions yourself are often too great to be worth doing. There are many alternatives today to doing this.

The cheapest and most basic way is to accept payment via bank transfers. This is a free option and is suited to small businesses or larger operations when used as a supplement to the use of payment providers. Payment providers are third parties which handle credit card processing for you.

Below are some of the common payment providers that we can integrate your e-commerce website with. Each has their own different costs and benefits.

If you have another payment provider which you would like to use for your e-commerce website then we can work with you to integrate them with your website.

SNGK Commerce Demo

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