AMSOIL - AMS-Oiler™ Pre Charger

By: Smart Synthetics  06-Dec-2011
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Motor oil is injected directly on the engine bearings and other wear-sensitive surfaces upon turning the ignition key. Its rugged construction withstands severe service and platforms reliably in any personal, commercial or industrial application. Outperforms gas- and air-charge systems. Mechanical life cycle exceeds one million engine starts, with no maintenance required.

End Dry Starts with the AMS-Oiler

The needs of automotive and industrial equipment have continued to place increasing demands on the lubrication industry. Over the years, AMSOIL research and development has responded to changes in the industry by developing products that keep AMSOIL on the cutting edge. The new AMS-Oiler™ is the most recent example in a long line of top-quality innovations from AMSOIL.

Independent studies have concluded that engine wear during start-up is a major concern. Even though engine components remain dry for only a short period of time at ignition, when this circumstance is multiplied by the 400 to 600 dry starts a year by the average motorist, the potential for harmful metal-on-metal contact and significant wear is great.

The AMS-Oiler™ is an oil pre-charger that puts an end to dry-engine starting. Typically, an engine that sits idle for even a short period of time will operate relatively dry upon starting before oil is able to fully lubricate the system. In fact, the automotive industry estimates that up to 50 percent of engine bearing wear occurs during the starting process. Indeed, the superiority of AMSOIL motor oils minimizes start-up wear by clinging to the metal surfaces, but even more can be done to concentrate the oil on the critical wear areas in an engine. With the AMS-Oiler in place, 160 cubic centimeters of oil is injected directly on the engine bearings and other wear sensitive surfacesupon turning of the key, giving instant protection to vital engine components.

AMK-02 "stand-alone" configuration

The AMS-Oiler™ outperforms gas and air charge systems. When the ignition key is turned to the on position, an audible alarm sounds while a 12-volt DC solenoid initiates the AMS-Oiler's operation. When the oil delivery process is complete, the alarm ceases and the operator can start the engine. The engine can be started at any time without damage to the AMS-Oiler™, however, the AMS-Oiler™ is recharged by the pressure generated by the engine's oil pump. Complete recharge is accomplished within 40 seconds. The absence of a gas or air charge eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination of dirty gas or air with the engine oil, keeping the oil pure and performing optimally. The design of the AMS-Oiler™ reservoir also protects the unit from ambient temperature fluctuations.

With an extremely rugged chrome plated hi-grade carbon steel reservoir and anodized aluminum base, the AMS-Oiler™ is crafted to withstand severe service and to perform reliably in any personal, commercial or industrial application.

Unlike other pre-charger systems, the AMS-Oiler™ has no bulky moving parts which need maintenance and does not rely on pressurized gas to function. The AMS-Oiler™ is a self contained, streamlined unit that has a mechanical life cycle exceeding one million engine starts, with no maintenance required. The AMS-Oiler™ is self-lubricating with an integrated overpressure protection device that protects units from retaining pressures in excess of 90 p.s.i.

AMK-01 "Bolt on" configuration
In order to meet consumers’ needs, AMSOIL has designed two AMS-Oiler™ models to cover all applications. The first model, AMK01, is crafted to attach directly to the AMSOIL Dual-Remote by-pass Filtration Systems BMK13, 15 through 18. The second model, AMK02, is designed as a stand-alone system. AMK01 and AMK02 are designed for pre-oiling engines up to 500 CID (cubic inch displacement)(8.2L). The AMS-Oiler™ retro-fit applicability to the AMSOIL by-pass filtration systems provides a convenient perch for quick installation. The stand-alone AMS-Oiler™ mounts easily at any angle to accommodate virtually every engine. The AMS-Oiler™ kit comes with all of the necessary components to complete installation.

With the new AMS-Oiler™, AMSOIL continues to make lubrication history, with quality still the number one priority.


AMS-Oiler™ Benefits

  • Eliminates dry starts, reduces engine wear
  • Retrofit with Dual Remote Filtration System
  • Compact design, mounts at every angle
  • Ideally suited for gas & diesel applications
  • Capacity to pre-lube up to 500 CID (8.2L) engines
  • promotes easier starts in extreme cold weather
  • Closed system prevents contamination
  • Self Lubricating, no maintenance required
  • Operational cycle life exceeds 1,000,000 engine starts
  • Install and forget

AMS-Oiler™ Market Applications While every engine can benefit from the use of an AMS-Oiler™, vehicles especially prone to frequent starting and engines that sit idle for extended periods of time would extend their engine life with the simple addition of an AMS-Oiler™. An AMS-Oiler™ can provide the instant lubrication necessary to save these engines significant wear and prevent damaging metal-on-metal contact.

  • Taxicabs
  • Delivery Fleets
  • Marine Applications
  • Service Vehicles
  • Family Vehicles
  • personal Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
  • Hobby / Collector / Competition Cars
  • Emergency Generators and pumps
  • Tow Vehicles
  • Motor Homes
  • Cold Weather Application

Keywords: Engine, Motor Oil, Motor Oils, Oil, Vehicles

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