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By: Smart Farm Systems  05-Apr-2012
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The Pond Link monitor includes a high level and a low level probe which are independently set to suit the situation. Once the low level indicator has been reached the irrigator is switched off automatically.

Benefits: Ensures that the irrigator is not run dry and allows flexibility to reset the levels as required.

Using modern microprocessor technology, the travelling irrigator monitor will automatically monitor the travelling speed while in use and will shut down the pump if it stops for any reason, or is moving too slowly. To re-activate you must inspect the irrigator and rectify the stoppage, before resetting at the irrigator.

Benefits: Easy to install and very simple to operate. Compatible with your existing pump control system.

The K-line system monitors line pressure where it is needed right at the end of the pipe where the pods are. If the pressure drops too low for any reason, the K-Line monitor will stop the pump, and will also allow you to start/stop the pump at the pods, in the paddock.

Benefits: Prevents pollution in the paddocks due to system failure and ensures the K-Line has to be moved.

The water trough monitor provides valuable information on water pressure and thereby water level of the feeding troughs. Reduces the fear of water being unavailable for stock as it records instantly when water pressure falls for any reason.

Benefits: Eliminates the need to walk the farm to monitor water trough levels and provides peace of mind that should any malfunction occur you will be notified either through a rapid change in your graph or by txt to your mobile.

Monitors the water level and flow rate, letting you keep an eye on your water levels.

Benefits: Ensure water supply isn't running low.

The Moisture Monitor reports on the level of moisture recorded at varying ground levels depending upon the data required. The information is valuable for crops and vineyards where water application is the dominant factor for optimum growth.

Benefits: Provides valuable moisture level information to maximize plant growth and minimize wastage of our valuable resource, water.

The Water Bore Monitor will provide you with information on pump hours, flow rate and battery voltage, eliminating the worry that your bore may run dry.

Benefits: Provides up to the minute information on the supply of a valuable resource, water, which is paramount to any farming or horticulture activity.

The Electric Fence Monitor records fence and battery voltage which eliminates the need to walk the farm to check on whether there is any unwarranted interference with your electric fence. Will indicate any malfunction via a change in graph or via txt alert.

Benefits: Eliminates the need to walk the fence lines during grazing and provides peace of mind knowing that you will be advised should any malfunctions occur.

Milk Temperature is required to be reduced to 7 degrees within a 3 hour time frame. The milk vat monitor ensures that the required temperature is maintained. If for any reason the temperature is outside this parameter, there can be a txt alert.

Benefits: Ensures milk temperature is regulated with txt alert to reduce possible loss of revenue due to substandard product.

A new release from Smart Farm Systems, leaders in the field of farm effluent monitoring.

K.I.M. PLUS is installed before the first pod to respond once the pressure drops sufficiently for the K.I.M. to send a signal to the Smart Farm Hub to shut the system down.

Once the K-Line is shut down a message is sent to K.I.M PLUS to activate the value to close instantly. The pods no longer receive effluent which causes undue ponding.

A new release from Smart Farm Systems, leaders in the field of farm monitoring. A new release from Smart Farm Systems, leaders in the field of farm monitoring.

T.I.M PLUS includes a clever little valve which is activated once the T.I.M shuts off due to end of travel, running too slow, or if a pipe bursts. A signal is sent to the Smart Farm Hub which activates a message sent to T.I.M PLUS to activate the value to close instantly.

Keywords: Farm Systems