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Correct Positioning

'Correct Positioning' by  Babywearing Instructor and R.N. M'liss Stelzer.  Possibly the most important information on positioning!

Babywearing Basics

By Babywearing instructor and R.N. M'liss Stelzer. This has JUST what you need to know about wearing your 0-4m baby in your carrier. A MUST-READ!

Dr Sears - Babywearing

From Dr Sears talks about the benefits of babywearing as he has seen them in his family practice.

The Importance of the In-Arms Phase

By Jean Liedloff, from her book 'The Continuum Concept' which started the Attachment Parenting movement. Very interesting article!

Excerpts from 'The Vital Touch'

By Sharon Heller, Ph.D. Important notes on how crucial touch is to babies.

Babywearing- A Dad's Experience

By Paulus Wanandi, webmaster/leader of Baby-Carriers-Downunder, and allround babywearing guru. Get your hubby to read this!

Keywords: Baby Carriers

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Safe Babywearing - Babywearing Articles - Slingbabies

Shaped like a duffel bag, they force babies into a 'C' position, effectively cutting off their windpipe- worse than the concern over baby capsules. If it's a bag sling, you could mention the Slingrider recall and how they may have noticed the same problem of snuffling and discomfort. At least 7 babies have died in this same design of sling and another 37 injured in sling related accidents.


Special Babywearing- Kangaroo Care - Babywearing Articles - Slingbabies

Kangaroo Care is a care system for preterm, low birthweight and special case babies based on skin to skin contact between baby and mother. Babies who are Kangaroo Cared rely on their mother to regulate body temperature, so they don't use so many precious calories staying warm. Seeing her baby in the isolette, hooked up to tubes and cables, Sarah and husband Edward couldn't believe this was their baby.


Impromtu Babywearing - Babywearing Articles - Slingbabies

Western society turned its back on babywearing, after the Industrial Revolution after-effect allowed baby trainers and doctors to discourage mothers from carrying their babies or even interacting with them. Other European mothers used whatever shawls and wraps they had at the time, knotting or twisting them to keep baby close. You can do a nice hip carry with a sarong and a bed sheet- knotted just under your shoulder.


Buying a baby carrier - Babywearing Articles - Slingbabies

Many people find the weight distribution of Asian Style Carriers excellent on two shoulders, which makes them ideal for older and/or heavier babies, and wearing for long periods comfortably. Woven wraps are a bit more of an investment, as they are often specifically loom-woven as baby carriers and imported from Europe. Ring slings are worn on one shoulder, with the rings at 'corsage' level and the leftover tail hanging.