SKINS launches new A200 range for men and women

By: Skins  05-Apr-2012
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A200 garments also wrap and support key muscle groups, which dramatically reduces muscle vibration, resulting in less soft tissue damage and reduced exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD).

In addition, the A200 range boasts a superior fit based on a unique BMI (Body Mass Index) / anthropometrical algorithm to take into account the wearer's height, weight and chest size to ensure a comfortable fit and optimal compression levels.

SKINS lightweight warp knit fabric features 50+ UV protection (in all non-mesh areas), antimicrobial properties and moisture wicking, drawing moisture away from the body so you stay comfortable no matter how hot it gets.

SKINS A200 men’s range

The new A200 range is aimed at men who are passionate about being active – whether running, playing team sports or hitting the gym. By wrapping the muscles in a second ‘skin’ and applying the correct levels of pressure, SKINS A200 accelerate blood flow and increase oxygen delivery to working muscles, improving power, stamina and aiding recovery. Whilst the A200 range may not guarantee a gold medal, the everyday sportsman can enjoy optimum performance and limit muscle pain during and after activity.

Jaimie Fuller, SKINS CEO, said: “By providing the right compression in the right places, items in the SKINS A200 range literally get your blood racing. They’re just the thing for anyone who wants to perform better, harder and faster.”

SKINS A200 women’s range

The women’s A200 collection is designed for women who work out to look good and feel great – and who want to get results quickly! Whether that is by going out running, working up a sweat at the gym or trying the latest exercise classes, A200 can help you shape, tone and sculpt your way to the body you want sooner. Carefully considered seam placement gives a flattering silhouette, and the collection takes cues from the catwalk in terms of colour, style and use of feminine mesh details.

“For women with busy lives who love to exercise and don’t want to waste time waiting for their bodies to recover from the adverse effects sometimes experienced from working out, SKINS A200 range is ideal,” says Jaimie Fuller, SKINS CEO. “Shape, tone, sculpt and say goodbye to aches and pains that just shouldn’t be there: the A200 range keeps everything in place and allows you to achieve the body you want faster.”

  • Author: Kezia Everson
  • Copyright: SKINS International Trading AG

Keywords: Skins

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