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By: Skàl  05-Apr-2012

Dear John,

I am writing to seek your possible assistance to obtain historic material about Skål International.

The Executive Committee of Skål International is very keen to source information about the history of Skål from our members throughout the world in order that we do not lose our rich and interesting history and also to possibly produce a publication about the history of our organisation which I believe will make fascinating reading.

Sadly, we are losing much of Skål’s history due to the sad passing of our senior members and also because historical documentation has not been stored well and often has been simply lost with the passage of time.

We are seeking to obtain documentation and images to store digitally in several locations around the world so Skål’s history is preserved. The types of material we are keen to source are historical documents, photos, press articles, Skål Club foundation papers, significant Skål event records, historic newsletters, magazines, video clips and anything of historical value. You may have a story you might like to write about your experiences with Skål that you would like to share and have preserved.

along with any photos, images and/or video clips

All material received will be acknowledged and should any of it be used in future publications, we will ensure appropriate credit is given.

John , I hope you will assist us with this very important Skål history project if you are able to do so.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely & Skål

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