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By: Site Safe  06-Dec-2011


Construction Safety Charter Accreditation has been designed to measure and recognise construction contractors performing at a high level of site safety - planning, communication, monitoring and accountability

To achieve 'best value', many construction clients are looking beyond low price when selecting contractors by looking at actual on-site performance.  The Construction Safety Charter Accreditation Programme gives clients information they can use to pre-qualify and select contractors based in part on safety performance.  For contractors, Accreditation can be used to gain a competitive advantage in a tight construction market.

  • Recognise the companies performing at a high level
  • Provide high performers with a competitive advantage
  • Help Accredited Companies secure more jobs.

Some of the additional benefits of the Construction Safety Charter Accreditation Programme include:

  • Ensures worker safety and well being
  • Provides a pathway for continuous improvement for any company no matter where the starting point
  • Defines Key Performance Indicators of best practice in the New Zealand construction industry.

Application and Audit Forms along with a detailed Information Pack and "How To Guide":

Quick Summary:

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Site Safe encourages all of those associated with the construction industry to adopt a best practice approach to safety as this will collectively raise the safety culture of the New Zealand construction industry. They are all developed by project teams with industry experts from across key industry sectors, including DoL and ACC. Site Safe works with industry to develop Best Practice Guidelines and other safety information.


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Our Trainers have been selected because they are all highly competent with a background in the construction industry and have extensive knowledge of the Health and Safety in Employment Act. Other industry Trainers are selected based on their extensive knowledge of workplace health and safety and relevant legislation. Site Safe has a nationwide network of Trainers.


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As an independent not-for-profit industry organisation dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries in the construction industry, Site Safe needs your support and endorsement. Your support will help provide nationwide strategies to reduce New Zealand's abysmal construction injury and death record. Site Safe’s mission is to promote and advance a culture of safety in the construction industry.


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Site Safe has a specialist consultancy service to provide advice on many aspects of workplace safety, including the design and implementation of health and safety management systems. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Safety, Health & EnvironmentalAdvisors who are dedicated to workplace accident reduction and raising health and safety awareness. Health & Environmental Consultancy Services. Fees are charged on an hourly basis.


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LBP’s have been struggling to find good quality and relevant information sources for their skills maintenance points required to maintain their license.