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By: Signametrics  06-Dec-2011

The SMU4032 is the only mobile USB switch with instrumentation specifications, making it the only mobile USB switch that enables your 6-1/2 or 7-1/2 digit DMM to deliver its full accuracy. Weighing in at less then a pound, and with dimensions of 5'' X 7'' X 1.3'', the SMU4032 is ideal for environments and applications where size, weight, or mobility requirements rule out traditional bench top equipment.

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Peak to Peak, Crest factor, Median. 330 mV3.3 V33 V330 V. 240 mV2.4 V24 V240 V. With pre & post data.


SMU2064 7-1/2 Digit USB Digital Multimeter, Portable Inductance Measurement Applications

By cutting down on the number of components and connections in your test system, the USB DMM provides a reliable and cost effective automated measurement capabilities, without compromising performance. Automated applications can be configured using Visual Basic, C, C++, LabView, LabWindows/CVI, TestPoint, ATEasy, Matlab, Delphi and more.


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Kit contains:Leads, Probes, Spade Lug, Alligator Clip,Extender Probe, Hook Lead, Pouch. Soft tactile Test Leads with gold tips and straight safety Banana Plugs. DIN trigger / guard connector. SM-PRD, Deluxe DMM probe kit.