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By: Signametrics  06-Dec-2011

SM-PRB, Basic DMM probes.

Soft tactile Test Leads with gold tips and straight safety Banana Plugs. - $21.00

SM-PRK, DMM Probe Kit.

Kit contains:
Leads (2), Probes (2), Spade Lug (1), Alligator Clip (1),
Extender Probe (1) , Hook Lead (1), Pouch (1). - $45.00

SM-PRD, Deluxe DMM probe kit.

Designed for Electronic applications. Includes:
Leads (2), Probes (2), Spade Lugs (2) , Alligator Clips (2), Extender Probes (2),
Mini-Gator Leads (2), Spring Hook Leads (2), 0.025" Wire Wrap Leads (2),
Pico-Hooks for W.W.(2), Pincer Hooks for W.W. (2), Spring Hook Probes (2),
Pouch (1). - $100.00

SM-PRSMT, SMT Shielded Tweezers Probes.

The SMT Tweezers. Measure Surface Mount Components
using one hand. Shielded cable with Banana plugs. - - $25.00

SM-KEL4W, Kelvin/4-Wire gold plated lead set.

The Kelvin lead set allows precision 4-Wire and 6-Wire measurements when used with
a Signametrics DMMs. It includes 4 shielded color coded leads and Banana plugs. - $200.00

SM-CBL36; SM-CBL48, Shielded Multi-Stacking Double Banana Cable.

Shielded signal cable, for use with Signametrics DMMs.
SM-CBL36 - 36" cable - $39.00
SM-CBL48 - 48" cable - $43.00

SM2040-CON7, DIN trigger / guard connector.

7 pin DIN connector for use with the SM2040 series DMMs facilitates trigger and 6-Wire connection. - $14.00

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Peak to Peak, Crest factor, Median. 330 mV3.3 V33 V330 V. 240 mV2.4 V24 V240 V. With pre & post data.


Switching Cards, Multimeter Scanners, Multiplexers, PCI PXI USB test measurement

Weighing in at less then a pound, and with dimensions of 5'' X 7'' X 1.3'', the SMU4032 is ideal for environments and applications where size, weight, or mobility requirements rule out traditional bench top equipment. The SMU4032 is the only mobile USB switch with instrumentation specifications, making it the only mobile USB switch that enables your 6-1/2 or 7-1/2 digit DMM to deliver its full accuracy.


SMU2064 7-1/2 Digit USB Digital Multimeter, Portable Inductance Measurement Applications

By cutting down on the number of components and connections in your test system, the USB DMM provides a reliable and cost effective automated measurement capabilities, without compromising performance. Automated applications can be configured using Visual Basic, C, C++, LabView, LabWindows/CVI, TestPoint, ATEasy, Matlab, Delphi and more.