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By: Show Horses  06-Dec-2011
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Sale Preparation

Many quality Show Horses and Ponies sit in the field unsold, due to owner’s lack of time, work or family commitments. Lack of experience in how to prepare and present the animal often leads to a poor selling price or no sale at all.

We provide a stress free way to sell your horse or pony, getting them in regular work, schooling them ready to present for sale, providing them with fantastic photos and videos for their advert and providing brilliant try out facilities.

We work on conditioning the horse along with the schooling. Many horses are under or over weight and this can affect their performance, resale value, behavior and often create health issues for the future. We work on maintaining a correct weight per animal so it can reach its potential and fit into its new home with ease.

The Show Horse or pony is then sold on a commission basis were we aim to get a good sale price. Most horses increase in value after our schooling and owners end up with more money than they their original asking price after selling through us.

- see full terms and conditions ! Schooling / Training

Show Horses and ponies are taken in to school prior to the competition season for a few weeks of intensive schooling at a weekly fee. The horse is then returned to the owner to compete for the season and perform in a far better manner.
$90 per week.

Clipping and Show Preparation
Full Clip, blanket clips or Hunter clip. Leg Clipping, whiskers and face tidy up.
Bathing, mane plaiting and pulling, Tail pulling and tidying
$15 per hour

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Keywords: Horses, Ponies, Schooling, Show Horses